Why is my tree unhealthy?

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    Please try to identify the species as best you can prior to submitting a report.

    Examples of signs could include the presence of mushrooms, cankers, insect holes, etc.
    Examples of symptoms could include wilting, branch tip dieback, bleeding, gummosis, etc.

    One photo is required.
    Accepted file formats include: .jpg, .jpeg, and .png formats.
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    Healthy Forests Have Dead Trees

    Please note that tree mortality is a natural process and it is normal to see a few dying trees in a forest.

    This page is here in case you notice any unusual levels of decline or alarming rates of mortality.

    Urban Trees as Sentinels

    Tree mortality in urban environments can provide early warnings for the arrival of a new pest or pathogen.

    Early Warning

    Please report any concerning declines of trees in the urban environment. Together we can determine if there is a greater risk to be considered!

    You can also share observations of unhealthy plants in urban areas of the Pacific Northwest by joining  this iNaturalist project.

    More information about using the iNaturalist app are available  here.

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